Musical encounters of...another kind

What is Jazz?

"What is Jazz...?" are concert lectures about music, art and life in general.
Jazz history and its related stories are the motivating factor to speak about imagination, organization of ideas, discipline, teamwork and many other things that fill our life with music.

"What is Jazz...?" is open to children starting at age six.
A fun learning experience, this concert lecture shows and explains the language of jazz improvisation, its history and musical instruments.

The band plays pieces of different styles and periods.
The audience asks questions.
Voices sing while arms and legs beat the tempo. Soon enough everybody is dancing and in the end we all understand that Jazz is mostly an organized free and universal form of communication.

  • Open to everybody from age 6  

  • Works as a complementary educational school program

  • Works a social educational and occupational program
  • Duration: approximately one hour