The Swing City Orquestra


Over the years, the evolution of aesthetics coupled with financial constraints imposed by market conditions has caused a near-total disappearance of the Big Band ballroom dancing tradition. We are left instead with a certain nostalgia for the "glorious"30's and 40's: when society's dance beat, "swing" music, brought people together and provided them with an outlet for dealing with the "grindstone" routine of their daily lives.

Paralleling the gradual disappearance of live musical entertainment, partner-dancing has also largely disappeared over time -- the elegant fun of defined dance steps being gradually replaced by freely improvised individual corporal movements to the "boom-boom" beat of canned sounds.

This current context explains why so many people today are quite attracted to hearing singers accompanied by Big Bands performing the great songs of the past.

The Swing City Orchestra was formed as a response to this growing demand for re-living the great repertoire of the Swing Era...and more.


1 singer
2 trumpets
3 saxophones
1 trombone
1 guitar
1 double-bass

Musical direction: Laurent Filipe and Eddy Goltz