Nino Rota Jazz Project

Due to his rich and imaginative brilliance,
forever linked to the films of Fellini,
the music of Nino Rota continues to thrive.


Contrary to the usual fate that normally relegates music for film to a merely functional realm, Nino Rota knew how to create melodies that appealed to popular tastes; that transcended the film's images. As such, the melodies from Rota's vast body of work continue to exist as organic material, ready to be re-utilized over a plethora of contexts and pretexts. This has provided the (im)pertinence of adapting some of his wonderful music for an "ensemble" of ten musicians who are capable of occasionally taking this music into the area of improvisation.


The chosen instrumentation is that which, complementing the traditional jazz rhythm section, permits the interpretation of diverse orchestral textures -- both individually and collectively. Regarding the selected repertoire, one should point-out that the majority of pieces appear in their thematic integral version, such as the "Ballet Suite La Strada" -- written after the film, and where one finds other themes of Rota's works.

"A compact orchestra, ever ready for a game of successive chromatic (dis)multiplications". (A. Curvelo in "Público")

"...imaginative transcription of Rota's symphonic scores....and skillful timbral re-creation..." (M. J. Veloso in "Diário de Noticias")


2 trumpets; 1 tuba-trombone-mandolin; 2 saxophones-clarinets; 1 violin; 1 guitar; piano-organ; bass; drums.