"...a luminous music, made of happiness and confidence, intelligence and mastery, beauty and good taste."
-Antonio Curvelo
Syndicated Music Critic
Publico, Lisbon edition

"...artfully energetic and playfully intelligent..."
-Jesus Moreno
Syndicated Music Critic
Cuadernos de Jazz, Spain

"Sheer fun..this music contains everything about life: happiness, drama, humor, irony and a lot of fun".
-Raul Vaz Bernardo
Syndicated Music Critic
"Expresso" Lisbon


DUO IBERIA - www.duoiberia.com


While exploring the acoustic and technical resources of the piano and trumpet, this powerful and thought-provoking duo creates a bridge between the American "standards" repertoire and the Southern European tradition.

Uncontrived, yet meticulous in style, Duo Iberia's music is the result of multicultural musical influences spirited by contrasting expressions, along with an artful sense of improvisation.

By making full use of the piano's percussive potential and a variety of trumpet mutes, Duo Iberia plays with music as it delivers an electrifying performance that promises not to leave its audience indifferent.

After the success of "Divertimento", Duo Iberia's critically acclaimed CD, and its subsequent concerts in Europe, North-Africa and Asia, the recently released "Dos" has already been praised by critics as "an absolutely genial CD".